Friday, June 17, 2011

Recycling Fashion Magazines How to

I love fashion magazines and for that reason subscribe to several of them. I enjoy reading their articles and getting ideas on current fashion trends. My problem is what to do with them once I have read them. An idea occurred to me when I was preparing for a craft show. I didn't have a budget to buy bags to give to customers, so I came with the idea of making my own envelopes using fashion magazine pages. I didn't use all of them in the crafts show and I started using them to mail my orders from my Etsy shop.
To make them, take four pages and sew them together, leaving one side open and you have a very unique and beautiful envelope. I also like covering boxes with the pages because they are more beautiful and fun. So far my clients love them and I am very pleased to make them.
Here are some pictures showing the process of making these that you might use for your own business. The packages are beautiful and in addition they help recycle something that otherwise would go straight to the landfill.