Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!

I found some pics of my dogs wearing cute costume for a photo shoot. I want to share with you to wish you a very happy Halloween Day!

Happy Halloween!!!

............and the winners are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want first of all to thank everyone who so graciously left their feedback. All comments are valuable to me and I take very seriously.
Of a total of 41 participating in my first giveaway 3 person were very active that's why I would give 3 awards instead of just the handbag.

The first prize (handbag) to lmurley2000 who had 9 entries.

The second prize (a checkbook cover and credit card case set) to karryknisley76 who had 6 entries.

The third (a change purse) to roxxyroller who had 5 entries.

Thank you very much everyone, hope to see you again in the next giveaway that will be announced tomorrow.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Your favorite dress -

Good morning!!!!
I just created a new poll to know which one is your favorite dress.
I wish you a great and creative day!

Your favorite dress -

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Successful Weekend, Sexy Skirt And Celebrity Dress all in One

From my weekend I tell you that was a success. We purchased a Wii Fit and I've been using it since Saturday and let me tell you that all my muscles have participated in the activity. I feel very motivated and I like very much working out with the it, is very fun and super intense. 
My store also received 1328 visits on Friday and had three sales, two jackets and a dress. I feel very motivated to do new things and more beautiful each time. 

Yesterday I finished working on a pencil skirt with a very interesting detail because it has asymmetric layerings and the fabric looks beautiful. 

Also I finished a new dress very similar to one that has Sarah Jessica Parker in photos taken during the filming of the second part of the movie Sex and the City in New York.
 I saw that dress and tryed to recreate as close to it as possible. I found that the dress was made by the designer Halston Heritage and is being very famous for that reason. To get one you must make your order to get it on February! Imagine! Not only that, the cost of the dress is  $325, Expensive, right? 

Well this is my version and I will make it in more colors. Find them here.
What do you think? 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Looking Beautiful! Fall Season Flowers

Well here I am away from my plan to make another pencil skirt! So it is something stronger than me, I have no choice. It happened when I made the first flower, I really liked the process and decided, why not do more? I have so many fabrics and many times I do not like throwing the pieces that I left thinking that I will use it in something later. 

I like making functional creations, for that reason these flowers can be used as a brooch on blouses, jackets or dress, as also can be used to decorate the hair giving a very feminine, elegant touch. 

Said and done here are more flowers. What do you think? Beautiful right? Find them in my Etsy store.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pencil Skirt # 1 Rock and Glam!

Here's the first of my series of pencil skirts. 
I have in mind to make several. The pencil skirt is a piece of clothing that never goes out of style, you can wear it for work and also to attend to a formal event or simply go out for drinks. They are the perfect piece to display feminine curves. I think that Christian Dior made a real contribution to women today, helping to look our best in each one every time you wear a pencil skirt.
Made of black and red stretch plaid fabric with lace trim on the hem, zipper on the back and button. 
The listing is for the skirt and brooch, the top is just to show you how you can wear it.
Waist 31 1/2"
Hip 42"
Length 24"

Price: $45.00
Shipping : $5.50

A Little Project Before The Skirts

I was doing my skirts when I realized I did not have the appropriate zippers, was at that moment that this idea was born. This flower are made of pieces of fabric left over from the skirts and other projects. 

It can be worn as pin on a jacket or blouse, as can also go on a headband adorning your hair. 
The headband has an elastic loop to hold the flower. 


If you are interested in other colors, send me a message and be very happy to make it special for you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Very Classic Fashion Piece: The Pencil Skirt

I'm planning on making two or maybe more pencil skirts.
I was doing a little bit of researching when I found this from Wikipedia


Narrow-fitting skirts have a long history in western fashion. The predecessor to the pencil skirt is the hobble skirt of the early 20th century, which is a full-length skirt which seriously impedes the wearer's walking, and sometimes those two terms are used as synonyms. However, it was the French designer Christian Dior who introduced the pencil skirt in the late 1940s [7], using the term H-line to describe its shape. It quickly became very popular, particularly for office wear. This success was due to women's desire for new fashions in the wake of the drudgery of the Second World War coupled with the austere economic climate, when fabrics were expensive and still rationed, and full-skirted garments were seen as wasteful. It again became popular for business women in the 1980s, as part of the "power suit" style of dressing, and has remained a popular mainstream fashion choice ever since. 

Here are the fabrics for my two first skirts.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My First Giveaway Free Shipping!!!!

Very unique handbag made of upholstery fabric and lined with matching polyester fabric. It has 4 pockets great for your cell phone, glasses, keys, makeup and whatever you need. The bag’s measurement 10”x13” and the handles are 20” from side to side. Perfect for daily use or as a gift.

How to enter:
- You can go through any of my stores: ChuletinDesigns or Muapurses and make a comment back here on your favorite item with your name and contact information. That will count for one entry. Please don’t leave comments like “Hi”, “Cool” or anything like that. I love reading your comments, they are very important to me and my work.

- Blog about this giveaway and receive 1 extra entry. Come back here and leave a comment with your blog link.

- You can also subscribe to my blog and become a "follower" to earn 1 extra entry. Come back and leave a comment telling me of your subscription. If you're a subscriber you already has and extra point, but please leave a comment about that.

- Follow me on Twitter or let me know if you are an existing follower to earn 1 extra entry.

- Promote this giveaway in the Etsy forums, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, or any social network and receive 1 extra point for each place you promote. Come back here and leave a comment with your link. The more you promote this giveaway more chance you have to win.

- Please don’t forget always leave your information or link.

- You can also earn 5 extra entries by purchasing something a any of my stores: Chuletindesigns, Muapurses or Patternparadise. Just come back here and tell me what you purchased with your information to claim your extra entries.

The winner will be announced at noon Easter Time, on Saturday, October 31. If the winner does not contact me within three days, I will select another winner through another random number drawing. This giveaway is open to US and Canada only. Shipping cost will be covered by me!

I wish you good luck!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Black Coat For A Princess Of Darkness

This is the perfect coat for a princess of darkness. It was design and made by me. Just a few days ago I had this idea of making a black coat using waterproof fabric, satin (lining), lace and hardware. This is the result!

Front and back princess seams. Rounded oversize collar with gather and hardware.

Venice lace at cuffs and hardware. Tie at front with a chain. Fully lined.

Waist-clinching ribbon fastening corset fitted to the back of the coat. Ruffled trim at collar and hem.

Can be worn over a pair of jeans, leggings or dress.
Size M
36" length
$10.50 Shipping

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making the Jacket Update

I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. Here are some pictures of my progress

I'll be back tomorrow!

Sewing the jacket!

I'm very happy so far!

It is a beautiful day for a new creation!

Today is the day! I'll be making a girly-punk-rock black coat, ........of course, Chuletin style!. Here are my supplies. I'll be posting pictures of the whole process, please come back and leave your comments.
Have a great and creative day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making An Incredible Punk-Rock Black Jacket

Could you help me?
In recent days he has been circling my mind to make a black jacket with hardware, a punk rock style. I'm not sure the design is why I need some help.
Here are some materials that could be used:
- Hardware
- Lace
- Ruffles
- Netting
- Black ribbon
- Corset style on the back
Can you think of something else.
I like a long jacket so it would look more dramatic, what do you think?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Very Unique Plaid Coat

For me it's hard to go to a fabric store. It is like an addiction and I always ending up buying some fabrics. In this case, when I saw this plaid fabric I got the idea to make a coat. The design of this coat wasn't very clear in my mind.

Only a few thing I was sure, the lining need to be red to contrast with the external printing and I wanted to use the black pipping in my design. I have never taken classes for sewing.
Since I was a little girl I saw my mom making all kind of thing for us. I learned to sew by making mistakes and experimenting a lot.

I almost never use patterns I keep my designs in my mind. In this case as usual I had no pattern and the idea was gradually coming out at the same time I was sewing.
That's how I made this wonderful coat. The flower is an extra that can be used on one side or any other clothes. It is very convenient to use with a pair of jeans or leggings. The fabric is wool / polyester. It is lined in the bodice. Double breasted, buttons are covered with black fabric matching the pipping. Detachable belt.
Price: $95.00
Shipping: $7.50

Monday, October 12, 2009

Newest Project Unique An Fabulous Dresses

Here are the newest project I was working on.
1- Black and beige chiffon dress. Three big flowers over the right shoulder with detachable belt. Already SOLD! :o)

2- Golden satin dress with gold and black yoke. A beautiful and unique piping and ropes work making this a very unique dress. You can find it here.

3- I made this gorgeous dress inspired by the Hollywood old movies. I like to think on a very sexy flapper girl using it for her wedding day. You can find it here.

4- This beautiful dress is my favorite. I first found the gorgeous appliqué and then I bought the fabric. Wasn't easy match the color but worked out pretty well and I love it! You can find it here.

Now I'm working in making more coats so please check out my Etsy store for more fabulous and unique creations.
Have a great and creative day!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

An incredible Summer!

It's been a wonderful summer for me. First my husband and I went to see her parents to Aberdeen, SD for 8 days. We had a great time, the boys went to a fishing trip and the girl stayed at home making craft projects, my favorite past time! I also learned how to make hand felted hats. Here is one of them.
Then we spent 25 days in Cuba. Was lovely see my parents, my sister, my nephew and all my friends again. It was extremely beautiful and incredible to be back in my country. The only bad thing was that my doggy-son Pirata passed away last January, but his sister Rosita was there and she was so excited to see me again. Now my mom has a new member and his name is Golfito. He is a great dog, super smart and funny.
My mom was very happy I bought for her craft supplies to make doll and she was in heaven, like a kid with a new toy. Also we did some remodelations in her backyard to make it prettier and we bought new furniture for her living room. Here is my dad watching tv
When we returned from Cuba I went to Houston to visit my friends. My flamenco Cuban friend Irma and my Brazilian friend Mirela. I have a great time, but something wonderful happened when I was in Houston! my Brazilian friend invited me to go with her to New York! can you believe that! For me is a dream come true NY has been on my list of places that I want to visit.
I returned to my home and like 10 day later I meet them in New York. We stayed in a hotel very close to The garment District, we walked a lot and visited a lot of places and a lot of fabric stores!
I took about 1500 pictures in my whole visit and we drove home visiting 3 different beaches and 7 states. This trip will be unforgettable for me and of course I want to go again!

Now I'm at home working on new projects which I adding to my Esty store almost every day, from dresses, jackets, blouses, even hair accessories. I have so many ideas and things that I want to do I hope nothing escape of my brain.