Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy "Senioritis"

1. Name, background info and what we sell:

My name is Garrick Bernstein. I live on the outskirts of the Big Apple (New York, USA for those not familiar). I am a self-proclaimed mad designtist with a background in finance and a penchant for anything fun. Likes include sports, food, cars, and time with the family. Dislikes include bratwurst. I am a co-founder of and the main designer of our work. In our shop you will find colorful inspiration as we remember Famous Seniors of all ages.

2. When and how did we get started:

I started senioritis with my two sisters, Beth and Jillian, in 2006. We couldn’t really find what we were looking for in vintage stores and felt that our pain was being shared by others so we put our heads together and came up with senioritis. Initially our apparel targeted high school and college seniors, with designs based on a graduating class. We eventually moved on to our own designs including apparel with our company mascot Jack and our green with lazy design. Most recently, we expanded our senioritisness (yes I made that word up) to really include seniors of all ages. We have momentarily stepped away from apparel to focus on prints but plan to have some Famous Seniors inspired apparel in 2010.

3. Our creative process explained:

Our creative process starts with research. Research, research, research; the most time consuming part of our Famous Seniors series designs is doing research (my sisters help a lot with this part). I guess we design somewhat backwards. Typically a design will begin with “Oh, that person was really cool/inspirational/motivational/famous; let’s make a design of him/her.” After that the search begins for a quality quote as well as a meaningful contribution that the person made to society. I think the quotes are what make our designs unique. Without a good quote the nicest design still seems to lack something. After finding a quote to our liking I usually block out a design to get a general layout. After that it just seems to flow. Since the majority of our work process is done on the computer with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator we just concentrate on keeping our work well layered so it is easy to edit and make changes (which is inevitable). We prefer to print on a non-glossy cardstock as we feel this weight of paper has some substance and we don’t really like a shiny finish. 

4: How long have we been selling:

We just openend our Etsy shop this past November so we are definitely new to the Etsy community. We have been selling our designs through our website,, since 2006.

5: Favorite item in our store and why:

If there was only one shop design we could call our favorite it would have to be our Aristotle design. In fact, this design is the basis for our new business cards. The design features a nice shade of yellow and the concrete background gives a rough feel. Aristotle's words are a constant reminder that genius and a touch of madness often travel together. 

6: What do we want to achieve from Etsy:

Our biggest goal with Etsy is to gain increased exposure of our work while also showing others that you can always put a unique spin on a common idea. The idea of famous quotes is nothing new but we feel that we bring a unique approach to this concept; as Rodin said, "I invent nothing, I rediscover." We would also like to give back to the Etsy community by helping others when we can.

7: Where else can we be found:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Helping Haiti Pet Style

Princess Pink....Dog Collar Fabric Flower

Brown Stripe Executive Bowtie Bandana

Drama Queen Dog Tank

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hearts For Haiti From The Etsy Community

Hearts for Haiti

I'm very proud of belonging to a talented and humanitarian community as Etsy.
I copied from their  fan pafe in facebbok to help promote this noble effort to raise money to help people in Haiti.

Here are their guidelines:
This is an Etsy collective of donated items from hundreds of Etsy shops to raise money to rebuild Haiti. 100% of the proceeds from this shop (minus Etsy fees and Paypal fees) go directly to DoctorsWithoutBorders ( ) in bi-monthly increments. This shop has permission to use the DoctorsWithoutBorders name and a separate bank account and Paypal account have been opened to maintain the integrity of this shop.

Items have been donated from many individual shops; each shop has included their particulars ( country, shipping time) in each listing. All items include seller-donated free shipping (most worldwide, see individual listing) because the need is SO great, we want you to buy and help support Etsians helping Haiti. The theme for the next few weeks is on heart items but we have more than just that. Please browse our sections to the right and know that your purchase in this shop not only gets you a great Etsy item but it also helps alleviate the needs in Haiti through donations to DoctorsWithoutBorders (MedicinesSansFrontiers ).

If you would like to donate an item to, please send an email to etsyforhaiti [!at] for a copy of the donation guidelines.

We can make a difference, together :)

Currently raised for Doctors Without Borders (after fees): $10,037.37
(as of 8:30 EST 1/21/10)

Hearts for Haiti

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy Joel Quiggle LIMITED EDITION Prints

1. Name and a little background information about you and what do you sell in your shop.
My name is Joel Quiggle and I live in Erie Pennsylvania. I graduated from Penn State University with my BFA in Drawing and Painting. I have just recently started to dabble in other mediums. and its that new artwork that I have listed on Etsy.I showcase my "Umbrella" and "Fruit Pack" series(s) of Giclee prints.My Etsy shop does show two of my first paintings ever, so be sure to check them out!

2. When and how did you get started in your craft? 
I didnt start drawing until I was in 9th grade. I figured out that if I got into a certain art program at school, I wouldnt have to take language classes. so I got into art for that purpose. But I started to really love it and fill up a majority of my free time with it. The rest is history!

3. Could you explain a little how is your creative process?
my creative process does not involve sketchbooks or preliminary sketches. many times I start drawing with no idea of what im going to draw. as I start building shapes upon shapes, I start to see images and then I add on from there. 

4. How long have you been selling your craft? 
well, technically I have been selling since like 10th grade when I sold my first piece for $50 dollars to a kid in school for a mothers day present.When I was in College, I didnt sell much. that was more of a "create, create, create" time and now I'm ready to "sell sell sell".
5. Do you have a favorite item from your store and why? 

If i had to pick a favorite item in my shop it would have to be my first painting titled "Earth".Just because it was my first painting ever,so it precious to me in that way.

6. What do you want to achive from Etsy?

 I don't really have any expectations from Etsy. I am trying not to put all my eggs in one basket. it's hard to sell fineart on etsy and with good reason. Many buyers that buy artwork like to see it in person before they buy it. on etsy, they have to make their decision based pictures we post. So I am hoping people will just have the faith to believe me when I say my prints are EXCELLENT quality. I wouldnt sell someone something I wouldnt buy for myself.
Thanks again for the exposure. Any money I make from sales on Etsy, I am putting in a savings for an Engagement ring! :) so thanks again!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Helping Haiti From Etsy Stores

It is in these days when our effort is needed to help others who are in difficult conditions. Nearly a week after the earthquake happened in Haiti rescue groups still finding people alive. It is very sad  all the damage it has caused in that small country. Many people have died and the survivors have lost everything. That's why our support is important to relieve the pain and lack of resources that people in Haiti are living.
Today I dedicate my blog to them and how independent artists are doing their part to help them from Etsy.

Here is a link to Etsy  store with donated items from hundreds of Etsy shops to raise money to rebuild Haiti.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fresh from my sewing machine because LOVE IS IN THE AIR

I have been very busy making heart-shaped pillows for Valentine's Day. Handmade entirely by me. They can be perfect as a gift to your love one or just to yourself. I'll be making MORE!!!! You can find them here

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recycling And making Unique Creations

Being able to use the internet is fascinating to me because I learn something new every day.

 I came from Cuba  4 years ago and using the internet in Cuba is almost impossible.

Some time ago I had the idea of making a dress with large flowers over the shoulder. Not sure how to make the flowers and thanks to the internet I could find several web sites that had tutorial to learn how to make them. 

Here are two of those who have helped me to make fabric flowers to decorate my creations.

How to Sew Ruffled Flowers from Recycled Sweaters

Fabric Flower from Fat Quarter World

Here are some of my creations

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Art, Style And Glamour

As I promised this year I want to try something different on my blog. Having daily themes so those interested can participate, giving ideas to make my blog more attractive. I love fashion, glamour and everything vintage and because of  that I want to star with it .  I was searching on Etsy, which  is very difficult. There are so many talented artists to choose and so much variety that I would have material for a week. These are some of my favorites.
                                           Old World Glamour                                                                            

Old Hollywood 

Glory Girl - 10x10 Mixed Media Collage                                                                                 


Audrey Hepburn Mixed Media Collage 


Canvas of Marilyn Monroe