Monday, April 25, 2011

Time for Floral Shoes. How to make yours

I love shoes and for a while I wanted to buy a floral pair for spring and summer. After browsing around I realized "why not make my own?"
Here are some that inspired me
from: Constanze Gonzalez and Paul Schere

from 2011 D&G Spring Summer Shoes Collection 

From Neiman Marcus $395
From Kindredsole $49.50

And here is my gift to you, so you can make your own very unique pair of floral shoes.
1- find a pair of shoes. I chose those because they are very light and comfortable.

2- pull them apart
3-find a very pretty fabric
4- cut the pieces and add some interfacing for a better shape. I cut  long bands because I like to put them several times around my leg and also have enough to make a bow.
5- sew the pieces together
6- I also made with the same fabric a couple of flowers to decorate the shoes
7- I covered the soles with the same fabric
8- when I was all set, I realized that I had no more glue :( I went to the store and bought super glue :)
9- I glued  them carefully and to gave  the proper shape I used my own feet as a template. I let them dry overnight.......... I today......... I wore them to work!!!
What do you think??


elsiee said...

AMAZING!!!! I love your best of all!!!

ChuletinDesigns said...

Thank you elsiee! :)

Taimur Shehzad said...

Lovely shoes. My gf will love these. But I don't think they hold the feet during a dance..:d

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Anonymous said...

You are so creative...awesome foot wear..
and thank you for sharing the steps and photos..even i can try some day..
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Kat3rina said...

I love this!!!