Friday, December 4, 2009

Save the Planet! Go Green! Recycling and Reusing!!

I really like the fashion magazines are so beautiful and colorful that I feel sorry for throwing them away. That's why I thought, why not make a belt using the magazines???... and so at least I feel that I am giving another use. I come from a country where we recycle everything. I'm Cuban. Early on we learn to use things until they break.
To make this belt I used pages of a magazine, I folded one by one, then paste and sewed them on white felt. To protect the paper I put a piece of netting on top and over the edge black elastic trim.

I also made some fabric gift bags with some of my pretty holiday fabrics here they are


Kat - said...

I make stickers (seals) with my magazines. Using a 1.5" circle paper punch & picking out great shoes or a chair, etc...punch & run through the Xyon machine. Voila, my very own snazzy seals!

ChuletinDesigns said...

Great! I'll make more belts using clear vinyl and paper. I'll be posting them later on. :o)