Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy Joel Quiggle LIMITED EDITION Prints

1. Name and a little background information about you and what do you sell in your shop.
My name is Joel Quiggle and I live in Erie Pennsylvania. I graduated from Penn State University with my BFA in Drawing and Painting. I have just recently started to dabble in other mediums. and its that new artwork that I have listed on Etsy.I showcase my "Umbrella" and "Fruit Pack" series(s) of Giclee prints.My Etsy shop does show two of my first paintings ever, so be sure to check them out!

2. When and how did you get started in your craft? 
I didnt start drawing until I was in 9th grade. I figured out that if I got into a certain art program at school, I wouldnt have to take language classes. so I got into art for that purpose. But I started to really love it and fill up a majority of my free time with it. The rest is history!

3. Could you explain a little how is your creative process?
my creative process does not involve sketchbooks or preliminary sketches. many times I start drawing with no idea of what im going to draw. as I start building shapes upon shapes, I start to see images and then I add on from there. 

4. How long have you been selling your craft? 
well, technically I have been selling since like 10th grade when I sold my first piece for $50 dollars to a kid in school for a mothers day present.When I was in College, I didnt sell much. that was more of a "create, create, create" time and now I'm ready to "sell sell sell".
5. Do you have a favorite item from your store and why? 

If i had to pick a favorite item in my shop it would have to be my first painting titled "Earth".Just because it was my first painting ever,so it precious to me in that way.

6. What do you want to achive from Etsy?

 I don't really have any expectations from Etsy. I am trying not to put all my eggs in one basket. it's hard to sell fineart on etsy and with good reason. Many buyers that buy artwork like to see it in person before they buy it. on etsy, they have to make their decision based pictures we post. So I am hoping people will just have the faith to believe me when I say my prints are EXCELLENT quality. I wouldnt sell someone something I wouldnt buy for myself.
Thanks again for the exposure. Any money I make from sales on Etsy, I am putting in a savings for an Engagement ring! :) so thanks again!

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