Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Cutest Fashion Trends In The Pet World

For many of us a pet is a family member. They are so special and they love us unconditionally. For some people having a pet well dressed is very important too. I think they are cute even in their own skin but having them dressed is the cutest thing ever. Today I want to show you exclusive pet fashion handmade by talented independent artists from Etsy.
Heavenly Emperor Dog Coat SM

Love Bug Valentine Dress

Shades Of Pink Princess Bling Dog Tutu and Matching Hair Bow

Valentine Hollywood Glamour Mini Hat

Eco Dog Coat - Pink Cocoa Brown

Polar Fleece Dobersnood

Dog Hoodie with Zipper with your choice of Crystal Designs

Funky Tie Dye Pet Tee Size Small

Pet Hat - Monster

Turquoise and Chartreuse Clover Dog Trenchcoat with Matching Headband


Alina said...

Oh My Gosh. So Cute. Thanks for following me.

Annie's Sweatshop said...

woof woof :)