Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recycling And making Unique Creations

Being able to use the internet is fascinating to me because I learn something new every day.

 I came from Cuba  4 years ago and using the internet in Cuba is almost impossible.

Some time ago I had the idea of making a dress with large flowers over the shoulder. Not sure how to make the flowers and thanks to the internet I could find several web sites that had tutorial to learn how to make them. 

Here are two of those who have helped me to make fabric flowers to decorate my creations.

How to Sew Ruffled Flowers from Recycled Sweaters

Fabric Flower from Fat Quarter World

Here are some of my creations


artistudios said...

Beautiful creations!

Piggy said...

Great work! I am glad you found the internet useful. I cannot imagine a day without logging into it :)

God Bless