Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Etsy Featured Seller : lterrill9

1. Name and a little background information about you and what do you sell in your shop.
Hello everyone, my name is Leann and I have 2 crazy, wonderful teenage girls that keep me on my toes! Crafting is my joy and my getaway time for myself. I love to make things out of tile and hope that you will enjoy looking at the items in my shop!

2. When and how did you get started in your craft?
I got started a few years ago when I bought an English Bulldog, Gunner. I really wanted some bulldog coasters and the ones that I had found I didn’t like or they were asking way too much for a set of coasters. I began trying different things and came up with my own. My neighbors, family and friends started buying them. I then began doing craft shows and hence my journey to Etsy.

3. Could you explain a little how is your creative process?
A lot of people want custom things to match their décor or for gifts and a lot of inspiration comes from there. I spend a lot of time fishing and outdoors and love to come up with new ideas while spending time outdoors.

4. How long have you been selling your craft?
I have only been selling on Etsy for about 3 months (still a newbie) but have been selling by word of mouth or craft shows for about 2 years.

5. Do you have a favorite item from your store and why?
My favorite items in my store are my tile tic tac toe boards. They are great coffee table décor and so much fun to make! Especially the custom order ideas that I receive families love to have the two different teams and these are great for those long commercials!!

6. What do you want to achive from Etsy?
I am hoping to learn all aspects of what it takes to run a business, make great friends and of course run my shop successfully!

7. Where else can we find you? (blog, facebook, twitter, etc.)
I am a proud member of Primos Pawtourage

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