Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Featured Etsy Artist Janice Cordeiro "

Taking a journey  through Janice Cordeiro's Wool Fiber Creations 

I think the first time anyone picks up a barbed needle and pokes at the wool they are hooked. And the adventure begins. It almost seems magical to take a flat piece of wool and poke it into the shape you want. I especially like to create baby animals. Something about the innocence in their expression.
I've been involved in some area of art for a very long time. I think, however, that needle felting is the direction I will continue. I also have a web site, however I am shamefully behind on my blog. I can't seem to find the time for everything so far.
My Etsy shop has been opened a year last Fall. I find it hard to let some of them go as they are my creations. From idea to finished sculpture . . . it brings me closer. I started selling because you can keep just so many. I do pop them here and there around the house. Never know what will be peeking out at you. If I had to pick one that I might not let go it would be my "Sleeping Kitten". I still don't know if I will let it go. it always brings a smile to my face.
I have had some exciting things happen since I've been on Etsy. I was contacted by a new art gallery in Silver Springs, Maryland - Artspring. They have some of my pieces included in their gallery. I was also contacted by Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Craft Magazine to have one of my ornaments featured. That will come out this August I think. It has been a joy.
Sales are nice, but it's not always about the sale, it's about the journey.


J. Cord said...

I was finally able to get in and I am glad I did. Love your site. Thanks for featuring me as it is greatly appreciated.

ChuletinDesigns said...

The pleasure is all mine, thank you very much!