Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy "lou1498"

My name is Louise Nylander, I'm originally from England but moved to California after I met my husband who was born and raised here. My shop is called Coco's Crafting Corner, (named after my 10 month old daughter Chloe, in case you were wondering where the "Coco" came from). I specialize in sewing and started off making baby blankets but have now branched out into other areas too, although blankets and quilts will always be my one true love! I now also do rag quilt bags, dreamcatchers, and I have a little of my pencil artwork in there too. And I love to do custom requests!!!
All the net profits from my shop are donated to the charity Newborns In Need, who help supply babies born into poverty or sickness with blankets and other essential items.

I started out sewing just a little under a year ago when my husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas, I don't know if he was trying to hint that I wasn't domesticated enough or what, but that's what he got me. After leaving it in the box for about a month, I finally decided to get it out and have a go. I was almost 8 months pregnant with my daughter at the time so I tried my hand at sewing her a patchwork stroller blanket, and although it wasn't the best work I have ever done, I was pretty impressed with myself. That was it then, I was hooked. I havent stopped sewing since, I just love it.

My creative process, hmmm. Well, firstly I have to wait till my two young children are happy and settled before I can even think about doing anything, my home is a bit of a mad house right now. Sewing is therapeutic to me so as soon as the little guys are in bed, I'll be at my sewing machine. My favorite part is picking out the colors for anything I make. I usually just end up on the floor surrounded by squares of fabric, throwing then around till I like what I see. 
I started selling baby blankets as soon as I started making them on Ebay, and was pleasantly surprised how many I was selling, although to be honest I wasn't asking much for them back then. I just loved the fact that other people liked them too. I found Etsy last September, and now I hardly list anything on Ebay anymore. I love the community on Etsy, everyone is so kind and helpful to one another. It's a great place to sell. 

I guess my favorite item in my store would be my pink and brown rag quilt made from flannel and minky


I love the colors in it and also the mixture of fabrics. It's so pretty and girly but also very warm and cozy.

I would love for my blankets to become known worldwide and become a sought after designer, of course, who wouldn't? But realistically, I would just love to sell some blankets here and there, keep myself going and keep bringing in some money for Newborns In Need. I just want to be able to keep buying the fabrics so I can keep sewing.

You can find me here on Etsy, occasionally on Ebay, same user name lou1498. Also I have a facebook page, by the name of Coco's Crafting Corner, and I would always love more fans. I also do giveaways about once a month, randomly picking someone who has hearted my Etsy shop. And I'm always advertising special offers and promos on my facebook page. 

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