Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy "RobinsFlight"

My name is Robin, hence RobinsFlight. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 kids, and I make crocheted bags and purses with fabric linings.
I learned to crochet when I was 8 from my grandmother, and to sew from my mom not long after that. I picked up crochet again about 10 years ago, and started crocheting bags probably 3 years ago. Eventually, I started adding linings, since they added so much to the usefulness of the bags.

I design all my bag patterns myself, often based somewhat on bags I see other people carrying, or in stores, or from a pattern on an crocheted afghan. Often a fabric I like will set the stage for a crocheted exterior too. The crochet is usually easier to design than the linings, though, since I like to add in lots of zippers and pockets. I'm usually working on a few projects at once, crocheting one while I'm with the kids, and working on a different lining after they're in bed, and a few more in the planning stages in my head. It keeps things interesting.
I started my etsy shop in April of 2009. Before that, I hadn't really sold anything, just given them as gifts.

That's a tough question. I have a few favorites- the buckle handle bags, the belted pleat bottom bags. My favorites usually are bags that were a little of a stretch for me when I first designed them, but they turned out really nicely, so I'm proud of the work that went into the design.

At this stage, Etsy is just a means for me to sell my bags. And I sell them basically so I can justify making more. It's all a creative outlet for me, something that's mine, that gives me a sense of accomplishment more immediate than raising children (although just about everything's more immediate that that!) So I don't have any hard and fast goals for Etsy right now. I'm excited when people like my bags, and even more excited when they like them enough to buy them. 
I just started a facebook page:


arty said...

These are all very lovely. Each with their personal style.

RobinsFlight said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful feature on my bags!

Whatley Photography said...

Great feature and beautiful work Robin.

ChuletinDesigns said...

Thank you!