Thursday, March 18, 2010

How To Up-cycling And Old Dress

Many times we have a piece of clothing that we really like or has some sentimental value and we store it for years. Sometimes we have the idea to make it into something more modern to use the material. Well something similar happened with this dress. It is the result of an order that a customer gave me several days ago. She wanted a dress with the same design and almost the same color as one that Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing in the filming of the new movie. After several emails we decided the best option she had was buying  a dress that was all pleated and that she may have more change to find in a thrift or vintage stores. Said and done, the dress she found it here.When I received the dress my first reaction was that it would be a challenge make it what she wanted, but here's the result.
So, if you have a similar situation just send me a message, maybe I can make your dream come true!

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