Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy "monkeyminddesign09"

1. Name and a little background information about you and what do you sell in your shop.
My name is Anita Ashfield-Salter.
I have been a graphic designer for 13 years in the advertising agency world. I recently left my job to pursue my new venture. It was time to get back to my roots. I love design, paper and making things with my hands. It's been two months and I love it! I hope to create designs that are positive, inspiring and fun.
2. When and how did you get started in your craft?
At an early age art was my passion. It was very clear the path I was supposed to take. I also graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. Of course, years of experience in print give me an advantage. And as I mentioned, I love paper and printing!
3. Could you explain a little how is your creative process?
I love to window shop and look at installations for inspiration. I take in color combinations and styles. Anthropologie is a perfect place to lose yourself visually. Then an idea pops up and I get to work. But I usually end up with something totally different than what I started with. And I am my own hardest critic and hardest client to please.

4. How long have you been selling your craft?
I have only been selling for two months. And trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can. I also started selling my cards and calendars at the same time at a boutique gift shop in my neighborhood.

5. Do you have a favorite item from your store and why?
More Than Words Calendar - It was a major decision to leave my job and pursue happiness and a dream. I needed encouragement and inspiration. I spent many hours trying to find the right quotes with courage and change in mind. When I am having self doubt... I read the quotes. I am proud of myself and hope to encourage others to pursue their dreams.
6. What do you want to achive from Etsy?
Happiness doing what I love... and one day the pay day to go with it. I give everything I do 120% and do it with heart and soul. I hope it shows in my work.

7. Where else can we find you?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy "LadyHudd"

I am a stay at home mother of two beautiful girls that are 1 and 2 years old. I have a wonderful husband that loves me and supports my new business. I sell crocheted and hand sewin items for the majority and other crafts. 

My sister makes all the bows that are in my shop. I've been sewing and crocheting since I was about 10 years old. I was surrounded by several forms of crafts through my family grandmothers, mother, and even my grandfather who makes wooden items that I hope to have in my shop soon. My entire family supports me and I hope that Etsy will eventually help support my family one day.
Mostly I get my ideas from books and patterns that I might see online or even at a craft store or magazine. Then once I get an idea I try to make it my own whether its just changing the color or changing it completely. I love making items for my friends and family as gifts so I get a lot of ideas from them as well.
I dont really have a favorite item because I make what I love and what I would hope people like me love too. I use what I sale and make things for me just as much as I do on Etsy.
I have a blog and my facebook will be coming soon. I also have a shop on I am a very new shop I've only been open since Jan 4th but I am a former Etsian from about a year ago. I took some time off to have a baby and now I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things and a new start with a new store. I've got lots of stuff coming and would be a great shop to follow

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How To Up-cycling And Old Dress

Many times we have a piece of clothing that we really like or has some sentimental value and we store it for years. Sometimes we have the idea to make it into something more modern to use the material. Well something similar happened with this dress. It is the result of an order that a customer gave me several days ago. She wanted a dress with the same design and almost the same color as one that Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing in the filming of the new movie. After several emails we decided the best option she had was buying  a dress that was all pleated and that she may have more change to find in a thrift or vintage stores. Said and done, the dress she found it here.When I received the dress my first reaction was that it would be a challenge make it what she wanted, but here's the result.
So, if you have a similar situation just send me a message, maybe I can make your dream come true!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy "RobinsFlight"

My name is Robin, hence RobinsFlight. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 kids, and I make crocheted bags and purses with fabric linings.
I learned to crochet when I was 8 from my grandmother, and to sew from my mom not long after that. I picked up crochet again about 10 years ago, and started crocheting bags probably 3 years ago. Eventually, I started adding linings, since they added so much to the usefulness of the bags.

I design all my bag patterns myself, often based somewhat on bags I see other people carrying, or in stores, or from a pattern on an crocheted afghan. Often a fabric I like will set the stage for a crocheted exterior too. The crochet is usually easier to design than the linings, though, since I like to add in lots of zippers and pockets. I'm usually working on a few projects at once, crocheting one while I'm with the kids, and working on a different lining after they're in bed, and a few more in the planning stages in my head. It keeps things interesting.
I started my etsy shop in April of 2009. Before that, I hadn't really sold anything, just given them as gifts.

That's a tough question. I have a few favorites- the buckle handle bags, the belted pleat bottom bags. My favorites usually are bags that were a little of a stretch for me when I first designed them, but they turned out really nicely, so I'm proud of the work that went into the design.

At this stage, Etsy is just a means for me to sell my bags. And I sell them basically so I can justify making more. It's all a creative outlet for me, something that's mine, that gives me a sense of accomplishment more immediate than raising children (although just about everything's more immediate that that!) So I don't have any hard and fast goals for Etsy right now. I'm excited when people like my bags, and even more excited when they like them enough to buy them. 
I just started a facebook page:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy "brownsco"

Name and a little background information about you and what do you sell in your shop.
We are a husband and wife team. Mike makes paper mache and chalk ware sculptures and I dabble in hypertufa making planter troughs, planters and other garden accessories. We have sculptures for all holiday seasons, and just items for special people. 

When and how did you get started in your craft?
We have been hand crafting for many years; but turned it into a business in 2008.
Could you explain a little how is your creative process?
Mike thinks about what type of sculpture to create on his two hour commute back and forth to work and than releases his stress of the day by creating it.

How long have you been selling your craft? 
Since January of 2008

Do you have a favorite item from your store and why?
Most all of the characters are favorites because they have been hand crafted individually based on whatever life event may have taken place or how the day went, etc.

What do you want to achive from Etsy? 
Hoping to promote our products and initiate more sales
Where else can we find you? (blog, facebook, twitter, etc.)
We have a website of our own called and are also on
Mike and Donna Brown
Brown's Country Originals

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Featured Artist From Etsy "kavali8"

My name is Cassandra... I am a wife and a mom and I work from home. I paint abstract and floral canvas paintings using acrylic paint.  I am from Michigan. 
Art has been my passion since I was a child. I am self taught,I never went to art school I learned it all on my own.You will find Canvas Painting, aceos, cards,Prints,and pet toys in my shop. 
I have loved to draw since I was very young. My mom and my grandmother are artist as well... not the same kind of art but we all have some kind of creative craft. My mom's shop is THEMONKEYSHOP.
I guess everything in my life gives me inspiration... Depends on what is happening that moment I guess. I have been on Etsy for over a year I think...
I think my favorite painting would have to be my Ayana Painting which I sold to the family that inspired me to paint it in the first place.

All of my items are reasonably priced seeing that the economy is rough right now. I feel everyone should have art in there home so that is why I am giving everyone such a great deal. 
 I would love Etsy to be a great opportunity to make some great money and also a way to share my passion.
I have a blog: 



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