Saturday, November 14, 2009

The person behind Chuletin Designs

Today I want to share an interview that I did for a blog a few days ago.

Tell us about your story:  

I'm from Cuba and came to the USA in 2005, following the love of my life. I consider myself very fortunate because I have a very special husband. Without him today I would not be doing what most excites me in life, to create. He supports me, encourages me and is my No. 1 fan, although, according to him, he knows nothing about fashion. :) 
I've never taken classes on sewing or design. I learn by doing.

-How did you get started creating your work? 

Ever since I can remember, my mom made clothes for me and my two sisters. I loved watching her sew us dresses. When I was a teenager, my mom bought me fabric for a pair of pants, then she went to work. When she came back I had already made the pants and they turned out super. Since that time she did not sew anything for me anymore because she knew I could do it. But she always gave me advice on how to sew and we were a creative team. 

-Please describe your process for your work: How to get ideas, when, materials, etc. 

The way I look at it, my brain is like a creative studio where many ideas circulate all the time. My inspiration comes from everywhere. I've been learning in stages. I've been evolving. Every time I make something, I learn and I try to improve each piece of clothing I make, making my designs increasingly complex and beautiful. Sometimes an idea comes when I see a piece of fabric in the store. At that moment, an idea is born. Other times I'll get ideas when reading the forum in Etsy, or when seeing something in a magazine. My ideas come from everywhere, at any anytime. 

-What is your favorite piece of work? 

For me it is very difficult to pick a favorite piece. The last piece I make often becomes my favorite, but that doesn't last long. I try to improve my techniques all the time. That makes me happier and more satisfied with the final creation. 

-Share your top 5 favorite books, magazines, songs and websites

My Favorites 
Magazines: Fashion magazines 
Book: Sewing Techniques (my current favorite) 
Websites: Etsy and Mylifetime (Project Runway) 
Music: I like listening to music while I working. I plug in my Ipod and listen to a little bit of everything - Cuban music, American, Brazilian, classical and jazz. 

-What advice would you give to new artist?

It is difficult for me to give advice to someone. I also need advise. I believe that following your heart and having a positive attitude in life can help make your dreams come true. At least that's how I try to lead my daily life. 

-What do you think you would be in 10 years? 

In 10 years I hope to be very successful and have my own boutique to sell my creations. 

More info about me
I have 3 Etsy stores

Have a very creative day!


Jane said...

It's wonderful to get to know you! Great interview.

ChuletinDesigns said...

Thank you Jane! Your are very sweet.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great interview and your designs are gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog.

ChuletinDesigns said...

Nothing like find talented people to share the same passion! Thanks sassyglassdesigns!