Monday, November 30, 2009

Something Unique, Something Special!

A few days ago when I was in the fabric store and I bought a piece of clear vinyl to make some belts. It is no secret that I love peacock feathers and, of course, the first thing I did was a belt with peacock feathers. My idea was to keep the feathers as the center of attention of the belt, leaving them intact and protected from constant use. Here is my creation!

This one is for those who like the color and brightness I made this one. It can be worn  with any color and the belt will make any piece of clothing boring, look better and more fun.  

For this it occurred to me at some times we have many options and many times we forget what we have. So instead of having 4 belts will be better to have only one with 4 big bows of different colors to exchange according to our desire and mood. These 4 colors are not the only ones that can be purchased with the belt, I have many fabrics to choose from, just tell me your favorite colors and I'll make them for you at no extra cost.

 Also  these belts can be a very nice gift for anyone this holiday season. Find them here

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