Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wearing Blue In Fall Season??? Are you Crazy?

The fall season is coming to change everything in their path. The trees lose their leaves or change color, the temperature drops, the wildlife are hidden, because the force of mother nature.  After living almost 5 yeasr in USA I learned something that was unknown to me. Every season has especific color for clothing, decoration, etc. As the pastel colors are for spring, or bright colors will come with the summer, or earth tones should be used for the fall. It's new for me, very different. It maybe can be because I from Cuba and there is little difference between the seasons or it is maybe because we can not afford to be changing colors as the season changes. Anyway, I wonder, Could be possible to wear blue in the fall?  Here is a beautiful showcase that reflects that.

Breaking the rules, have some of their own and follow your own instinct is my rule. What is your rule?
Etsy artists featured in the showcase:


elsiee said...

YES blue in the fall, winter, spring AND summer!

ChuletinDesigns said...

Works for me! Thanks!